If the words “barbecue” and “shish kebabs” for you – this is primarily a delicious meal, not the format of a party in nature, if you love the taste of meat and vegetables on the grill and think that it is not necessary to watch an hour at the coals, then such a technique as electric grill and electric kebabs just created for you!

Types of Grills for Home

There are three popular types of electric grills for home use. According to this source, portable grill is the closed type electric grill, which is a two heated surfaces with which the lid and bottom are equipped. Such appliances are installed both on the table and on the floor. The advantage of the closed electric grill is that it heats up directly from the top and bottom: the fish and meat steaks cooked on it are juicy.

Choose electric grill ground closer to your camp house. For its operation, it is important that there is access to a socket and that no rain drops fall on the surface.

Open electric grills allow you to cook the same dishes as in the frying pan. The open grill can have one or two levels. The lower tier has skewers or rollers for baking sausages.

There are also models of electric grills of combined type available. They work both open and closed.

Closed type electric grill – device with two heated surfaces: bottom and lid. These electric grills can be table-top and floor-top.

If you are interested in selecting the right grill, the first thing to do is to determine where you want to use it. An electric floor grill is a rare option, but it is the easiest to use grill in the countryside. The main thing here is access to a socket and protection from rain. But the table electric grill is a variant for any house, apartment or even office kitchen.

Closed grills are designed for faster cooking, as they heat food directly from the top and bottom, and heat circulates in the closed space. They produce very juicy traditional barbecue dishes: meat and fish steaks, grilled vegetables, as the evaporating juices are also locked inside.

Open type electric grills are preferred by those who like to experiment. With these appliances, you can do whatever you want in any frying pan. In addition, it is the open grills that allow you to cook several dishes at once on separate tiles.

There are also two levels of open grills. The lower tier can be equipped with sausage and sausage rollers or skewers as well as another continuous heating surface.

The multifunctional models are the combination grills – they can be operated both indoors and outdoors to create a large cooking surface.

Racketeering machine. Racketeering machines are called electric grills, where the lower tier is equipped with mini-pigs for one portion.

Rocket girls, as well as fondue girls, are in demand among fans of gourmet parties with plenty of cheese. In the mini-pigs on the lower tier are melted portions of cheese for several people at once, and on top at this time fry stuffing: meat, vegetables, mushrooms, seafood. As soon as the toppings are ready, they are placed on plates and watered with melted cheese, immediately filling the frying pans with new portions.

Electromzwadi. In Electromzwadi, unlike grills, food is stretched on vertical skewers and does not contact directly with the heated surface.

Electric pan. Electric frying pan fully replicates the principle of operation of an ordinary frying pan, although it does not need to be installed on the stove as it has its own heating element.

Selection parameters for the electric grill

Power of electric grill

The more powerful it is, the faster it heats up. However, the optimal power ranges for grilling and kebabs are different. An electric grill can have a power range of 1400 to 2500 W, for a kebab grill 900-2000 W is sufficient.

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing an electrogrill is the grill power level. The heating speed of the device depends on the power level. The optimal figure is 1400-2500 W.

When buying, pay attention to the grill surface. It is made of cast iron, natural stone and metal. Cast iron – it’s strength, excellent heat conductivity and long heat preservation. Metal is always a non-stick coating. It heats up quickly, but also cools down quickly. Natural stone keeps heat for a long time, is easy to care for, but requires attention and is afraid of falling.

Types of electrogrill surfaces

Grill surfaces are made of different materials:

  • Cast iron is a very strong, well conductive and heat retaining material;
  • metal in grills always has a non-stick coating. Metal heats up faster, but also cools down faster;
  • stone (in this case, it is a natural stone, not just a composite coating) keeps warm for a very long time and is easy to maintain, but cannot tolerate falls.

The surface texture of the grill can be different:

  • flat;
  • ribbed;
  • in the form of grids.

It should be noted that it is the ribbed surface and grilles that are most typical for this type of cooking, such as grilling, because the grooves and holes allow fat to drain off the meat being cooked, making it more useful.

Flat surfaces can be used just like any pan, and they are even suitable for frying pancakes.

Disassembled design of the grill

Choose an electric grill with a collapsible design to make it easier to clean the unit. Some models even allow you to wash tiles and grease tray in the dishwasher.

Electric grill heating regulator

In traditional barbecue and grill cooking, one of the main tasks is to regulate the degree of heating, which requires constant monitoring of the coals. The electric grill and the electric frying pan must also allow for smooth adjustment of the heating temperature, so choose devices with a power regulator.


The choice of a grill depends largely on the tasks that you will assign to it. If you want to cook mainly steaks, choose the tabletop closed grill, if more diverse dishes are open or combined electric grill or electric frying pan. For frequent receptions, a raclette girl is a great choice. If you only need an oven at home but don’t have enough space for it, consider an oven such as an air grill. And for those looking for a grill for their cottage or outdoors, gas grills, barbecues and grills are a good idea, but that’s a different story.